TANG Hiu Ki, Kate

TANG Hiu Ki, Kate experiments with digital illustration, graphic design, and jewellery. During a study exchange in Germany, she was inspired and started to develop her ideas on contemporary jewellery. She enjoys pushing the limits of materials in jewellery making and using daily objects instead of refined metals and stones. She believes jewelleries are not just decorative objects for bodies and keeps questioning the relationship between the wearables and the wearers, in order to find ways to tell stories.


Previous Works
Just Pop It

Brass, bubble wrap

Series of six, dimensions variable

I Have Never Thought That Black Means Sadness

Gelatin silver print

Series of 13, 10.2 × 15.2 cm each

I Have Never Thought That Black Means Sadness recalls an intimate story about the colour black. 


‘Black is my favourite colour, and I really enjoy every dark, silent night. Before I went to Europe and lived there for one year, I have never thought that black could mean sadness. During the wintertime, the sun goes down very early in Europe, and everywhere becomes empty and dark when the night falls. My time there made me realise the reason why people always love to have gatherings and parties in Europe. It might be because people feel lonely and sad during the night time. I want to use my film camera to capture as much light as possible in different places in the darkness, just like how people look for warmth during every long, lonely night.’


Inkjet print on paper

Set of two, 29.7 × 42 cm each