SIN Nga Wun, Cherie

SIN Nga Wun, Cherie primarily works in illustration and glass sculpture. She enjoys drawing sketches about her life, as well as sculpting in glass. She believes that art is a way to release her imagination. Her works capture the adorable, subtle and fantastic things and experiences she has in her mind. The inspiration of her works often come from the observation of her daily routines and dreams – people, objects, and the surrounding environment. She bridges the realistic and imaginary worlds by bringing the impossible dreams to the depicted reality.

'I do not work with complexity. I like to remain simple and bold in my works, so that people can understand my work easily and find surprises here and there. Whenever I create an artwork, I enjoy the awkward or humorous process of making it. I wish people feel tranquil and amused when they look at my work.'



Previous Works
Just a Horse


38 × 33 × 30 cm

‘Life is full of complexity, yet all I want is something simple and crystal clear.’