SIN Hoi Tung, Natalie

SIN Hoi Tung, Natalie is interested in the value of materials. As a faithful Catholic, she believes that 'human beings live not on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God'. (Matthew 4:4) Although bound by this material world, we can actually only fulfil our life though non-material experiences. For SIN, art-making, as a material process, always makes her question the intention and essence of her practice: 'If what human need is not material, why do I need to spend time and energy to make art?' As she investigates this question, she discovers that art does not only serve as a material purpose, but also as a tool to convey messages. It helps us get to know more about ourselves and explains the emotion that cannot be verbalised.


Previous Works
Up-cycling wood product design series

Recycled wood, denim

Set of five, dimensions variable

Up-cycling wood product design series is a service internship project commissioned by The
Carpenter’s House in Taiwan.

Magazines Ladder

Wood, recycled wood

113 × 80 × 45 cm (folded); 88 × 60 × 45 cm (open)

The Doughs Diary

Stop-motion video

2 min 16 sec

The Doughs Diary is a documentation of a mother dough and its little naughty dough. Life
repeats itself until mold is approaching to mother dough…