LI Tsz Hong, Dennis

LI Tsz Hong, Dennis (b.1997) studied animation production, graph design and digital illustration at Hong Kong Design Institute and is now studying painting, screen printing and Chinese painting at Hong Kong Baptist University. His practice encompasses painting, digital painting, and animation.

He presents his artworks as digital paintings to cater to the digital generation and preserve his work. As the Internet is so widely used, he uploads his work to the Internet in hopes to attract more people from around the world to see. Moreover, the medium does not have any problem concerning quality loss. He believes that commercialising his art is the best method for him to become a famous illustrator and animator. Thus, he will take advantage of digital painting and combine other media to present new work.


為迎合數碼時代並保存作品,他的作品以電子繪圖形式呈現。隨着互聯網的廣泛使用,他將自己的作品上傳到互聯網上,希望能吸引更多來自世界各地的人觀賞。而且,該媒介亦不存在任何關於質量損失的問題。他認為使他的作品商業化是令他成為著名插畫家和動畫師的最佳方法。 因此,他將利用電子繪畫的優勢,並結合其他媒體來展示新作品。

Previous Works


4 min 12 sec

‘What do you guys think about your differences?

FALL tells a story about a man feeling distraught with how different he is from others. He tried to commit suicide but then somethings unexpected happen.


Stop motion video

39 sec

Escape narrates a rabbit trying to escape from a threat and becoming stronger. How can it face to such a threat?