LI Pak Huen, Esther

LI Pak Huen, Esther's art practice focuses on daily life and her sentiments. She mainly gets inspirations from everyday life, as she is curious about the delights and possibilities from ordinary matters. In addition, expressing her strong emotions is also one of the reasons she makes art. Apart from illustration, she is also interested in drawing, painting, printmaking, and animation.

Recently, LI is attempting to make large-scale artworks in order to expand the scope of her works.



Previous Works
Landscape of AVA

Pencil on paper

Set of three, 29.7 × 42 cm each

Studying at the Kai Tak Campus of the Academy of Visual Arts (AVA), LI Pak Huen, Esther finds that many classmates enjoy looking at the scenery outside the classroom. The landscape becomes meaningful as it contains the thoughts and feelings of the viewers. Therefore, LI depicts the landscape in order to re-create private memories and archive them.

She hopes the landscape of AVA can become the bridge between her classmates, the viewers and her. Furthermore, the she hopes that the landscape can incite the audience to remember who they were when they were young. It is a set of three drawings, which allows viewers to walk along and appreciate the work.

Go Ahead

Reduction linocut print on paper 紙本麻膠蝕刻版畫印刷

21 × 29.7 cm

Every flight begins with a fall.

LI Pak Huen, Esther believes that she is not as brave as she used to be when growing up. She thinks that resistance and self-doubt are common emotions that imaginative and aspiring people deal with, especially when they reach adulthood and are told to be more hard-headed. LI created Go Ahead to encourage people who think similarly to overcome the bottleneck. Although there are challenges, we can still dream and try once more.