LI Lok Sze, Lala

LI Lok Sze, Lala's work consists of different mediums such as glass, photography, and jewellery. Among all the media she uses, she finds herself progressively interested in glass blowing. LI's work emphasises on how patterns can be applied with various media. In addition, she is also interested in the issue of mental illness in Hong Kong. In her stance, mental illness is usually ignored in the society. She hopes that her work can help those who are suffering from those illnesses.


Previous Works
Six stages of grief

Silver, pearl, mother of pearl, found object

Dimensions variable

'I want to tell them that one day all their broken pieces will stick back together and for those who were lost, may their soul rest in peace.'

Six stages of grief explores the idea of defective beauty. The series was inspired by the theory called five stages of grief developed by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. The five stages, which are denial, anger, negotiation, depression and acceptance, are parts that help us learn how to live with the fact that the people we loved are gone. In recent years, LI has become concerned about the issue of mental illnesses in society. In this work, LI tries to show that through the art of collage, trashes can still be turned into wonderful and usable things. She hopes to encourage those who are suffering from sicknesses.

A step forward

Blown glass

20.5 × 7 cm

A step forward is about creating a balance between two extreme conditions. When processing a goblet, it is necessary to keep all parts within the same temperature. If you don't focus on it consistently and one part cools down, there is a large chance that the whole piece will be broken. LI thinks that the process of making a goblet is just like her life. She thinks that the process is just like taking a balance between her extreme emotions and health. Through making the work, it encourages her to be brave when facing her own mental sickness.

Accept the imperfect

Stain glass

Set of five, dimensions variable

Accept the imperfect is inspired by burial objects and is the imagination of what things LI will give to her loved ones after death. Each box contains different memorable objects for a specific group of people.