LEUNG Man Hin's work breaks down, minimises and compresses the form and physical appearance of humanity and nature. He practises multi-media to enact a transformation of reality. He often takes his work into endless manipulation and reproduction.

LEUNG started an interest in painting at a young age. He is particular interested in capturing the existence of life and having a steady control over the colour wheel. As he wants to step out of the comfort zone, he has shifted onto other mediums. He now uses screen print, ceramic, glass and metal to orchestrate his ideas and enhance his paintings. His work usually consists of strong figurations, rich details, and whimsical elements.



Previous Works
Series: Sparrow tale

Oil on wooden board

Set of three, 58 × 58 cm each

Series: Sparrow Tale discusses about the relationship between nature and humanity through the vague story of a little sparrow. LEUNG made the colour tone of the work a little bit darker to illustrate that the world, in his perspective, is not good as before. Unlike twenty years ago or fifty years ago. Green is becoming less and less and grey is getting more and more. Although human beings can create brilliantly works of art, LEUNG thinks that nature is so much better.


Ink on paper

Sets of five, 28.7 × 39.6 cm each

LEUNG Man Hin wants the audience to feel the power of drawing. Thus, he decided to record every single brush stroke he put on the paper. 26548 refers to the total number of times he touched the paper. Every drawing has a topic as well. Time, mechanics, mathematics, repetition and geometry. In a world full of numbers, everything in the world can be explained by numbers. The work is also an experimental series for the artist if it is possible to develop more pieces and unify the other drawings together.

City Sparrow

Oil on wooden board

50 × 50 cm

Nature and humanity are never apart. We do a lot for it, we hurt it a lot. But nature never had a choice to decide its fate. Today, they paid for us. Tomorrow, we have to pay for what we did.