LEUNG Ka Yi, Nicole

LEUNG Ka Yi, Nicole is concerned with the relationship between people and herself. Mixed media is the most common media that she uses.

In the future, LEUNG intends to show the importance of equality between people from the majority and people from the minority, and demonstrate that they need to co-exist and create a balance.



Previous Works

Wooden boards, white glue, acrylic, iron nail

143 × 34 cm

Through Us, LEUNG Ka Yi, Nicole puts herself into the shoes of a local child who was suffering from the religious conflicts between Israel and Palestine. She could feel how helpless the child was and cried for help from a deity.


Acrylic, wooden boards

Sets of two, 30 × 30 cm each

Home uses the Umbrella Movement as an example to illustrate the complicated issues from war that affect different generations. War does not only divide countries, but it also causes segregations between people.

The work uses Chinese chess to talk about the relationship and conflicts between different generations. LEUNG hopes to deepen the understanding between the generations and record the Umbrella Movement in mediums other than words.