LAM Chun Yu, Candy

LAM Chun Yu, Candy discovers different types of relationships between people and reveals the humanity in relationships as she finds it to be very fascinating. Although she believes that humanity is undoubtedly ugly, it is beautiful in how it performs in the society. LAM thinks that we keep ignoring our humanity and running away from making decisions and facing consequences. Therefore, she provides an opportunity for the audience to face their humanity through storytelling. From her theatre experience, she tries to integrate theatrical elements with other media, emphasising the position of the audience in the work.

She has worked as a script-writer and director and performed two of her pieces in the Black Box Theatre in 2018 and 2019.



Previous Works

Live theatre

90 min

Paradise is a story set in a totalitarian future, where we try to explore the mental status of human beings after achieving their ultimate goal. Paradise tries to show something that dystopian stories usually do not tell like what happens after the escape from authority. Instead of showing the sunrise after the storm, Paradise chooses to show the continuous darkness of the storm, but somehow even the most desperate situations, we still find ourselves crawling and seeking for a hopeless exit.