KWOK Wai Ming

KWOK Wai Ming practises illustration, photography, interactive media and recently, graphic design to show the meaning of life and to express feelings.

KWOK's artworks are inspired by the scenes of everyday life. She explores different relationships between daily life and art. She also records the feelings and creative styles that are generated by different events in different moments as she thinks each of us have different feelings at different events. Her artworks also demonstrate her feelings and thoughts related to the concept of life in different periods of time. She believes that the human life is transitory while art is immortal, which can help prove the existence of humans. KWOK loves expressing her opinions through illustrations, which is the creative media that she is most interested in. By showing simple pictures, she hopes that they can resonate with the audience.



Previous Works
An old game 03

Digital illustration

18.4 × 29.7 cm

Nostalgia is a feeling of sadness that yearns of a memory from the past. An old game 03 represents KWOK's childhood. The term 'old game' refers to her past, which is shown in how the broken Gameboy recalls her childhood memories.

Don’t tell a negative person about…

Picture book

17 × 17 cm

Don't tell a negative person about… is a guide book to teach people how to communicate with pessimistic individuals. It illustrates their inner world, which aims to help readers have a better understanding of them and incite viewers to give them a helping hand when they are in a bad mood.

There are some negative emotions and problems in the artwork, which differs from the positive emotions advocated by society.


Screen print

16 × 12.6 cm

The word 'HE', which refers to the boy relaxing in the ocean, is cleverly designed to disguise the word 'HELP'. It implies that we often hide our true feelings and do not share them with other people. Despite looking calm and peaceful during tough times, deep down, we are deeply stressed. There may be a huge discrepancy between others' thoughts and our true thoughts. They may think you are constantly happy and optimistic while in truth, you may be under huge pressure.