HO Hin Ting

HO Hin Ting focuses on craft-making. She is interested in collecting small and inconspicuous objects from daily life as the main element of her works. She creates works not only inspired by the liveliness and vitality in nature but also based on her expanding memories and personal stories. While exploring ceramic, painting, drawing, glass and textiles in her earlier works, she finds herself particularly keen on observing and making miniatures. Thus, she finds ways to combine her personal collections and embroidery to make jewellery. She constantly develops her own methods in jewellery-making in order to make them more portable and interactive to remind people of the beauty of the natural environment and the importance of cherishing memories.


Previous Works
Hardworking Strokes

Brass, hair, fabric flannel

Set of nine, 1.5 × 1.5 × 1.1 cm each

'Hard work is always the way to success.'

People have said that hair drops from one's head when their brain is working too hard. HO Hin Ting collects and uses her own hair to symbolise her hard work, and embroiders them into each stroke of the Chinese characters nuli which means 'to work hard'. The box containing the brooches is designed in reference to the nine-grid pattern in Chinese penmanship.

The brooches are worn very close to the human heart. Not only does this show that everything is possible with your heart and hard work, but it also reminds the wearer to always work hard.

A Life to Alive

Mother of pearl, shell, resin clay, silver, brass

Ring: 4 × 3.5 × 5 cm, 2.7 × 3 × 5.8 cm; earring: 2 × 2.5 × 5 cm; brooch: 1.6 × 2.7 × 9.8 cm

A Life to Alive turns ocean waste from the sea or daily food items into lively objects by using flexible materials like clay to demonstrate the liveliness and curves of life. These ideas are transformed into a series of jewellery that interact with the wearer and remind people about the further use of so-called waste.

Beauty in Nature

Acrylic on wood

120 × 45 cm

The beauty found in the nature is strongly interrelated to our lives. The combination of the different colours in the sky and the wood grain on different pieces of wood make a new landscape from nature and form another angle of seeing the beautiful, amazing and wonderful natural world.