HAI Kam Lan, Kimmy

HAI Kam Lan, Kimmy's work includes graphic design, furniture design, paintings, jewellery, and installation. Most of her early artworks focus on investigating the relationship between humans, society, and the environment. After a period of trial and error, she began to use mixed media as her creative media. She often incorporates graphics into different media, such as three-dimensional forms, multimedia, and some bright-coloured plain blocks. HAI sincerely believes that design is a way of life. She thinks that design can improve the overall quality of a person's life.


Previous Works
Journey to the star

Illustration book

22.7 × 18.5 × 0.5 cm

Journey to the star depicts an adventurous journey about a girl who is exceptionally determined to pursue her dreams, which is emphasised by the immense use of vivid colours in the book. Special effects, such as the 3D leaf, are also brought into play as well. This book combines hand drawings and computer illustrations together in order to create a better reading experience.

Fold it!

Brand design

10 × 15 × 8 cm

Fold it! is a prototype depicting the business model of the company with the same name. 'Fold it' is a courier delivery services company targeting young adults, created by the artist. The key attributes of the brand is its playfulness, captivation, vitality and humour. The name Fold it! refers to the unique design of the company's express boxes, where you can fold them into other useful objects, such as bookshelves or paper stands. The vision and mission of Fold it! is to create an eco-friendly express service and provide contemporary experiences for customers respectively.

Alongside the boxes, leaflets are attached to give a tutorial to explain how to use the boxes. The leaflets can also be folded into a small-sized object as well. The innovative box design encourages individuals to reuse their packages instead of throwing them away, which will help reducing waste production and protecting the environment.

Inside the Living Body

Wearable design

40 × 50 cm

Inside the Living Body is a child clothing item where the user needs to move and jump around to make the ball fall from the oesophagus to the large intestine, which simulates the digestion process happening in our bodies. Children can deepen their understanding of the human body and its structure through the process of play. This project aims to combine education, sports, and games into one piece of clothing and make learning more fun and interesting.