CHOW Tsz Yiu

CHOW Tsz Yiu is interested in studying sports and art, which leads her to pay more attention to body structures and their aesthetic values. Her practice encompasses sculpture and traditional crafts, based on the close relationships between different subjects, such as the relationships between human joints and human bodies. She transforms her observations into simple geometric shapes in order to highlight the details of each piece in a series. She believes her audience would then emphasise more on the structure of human bodies.

CHOW graduated from the Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture, and obtained her Higher Diploma in Sculpture from Hong Kong Art School in 2018.



Previous Works
Body Imitation


15 × 15 × 15 cm

Body Imitation is a sculpture imitating the human body using wooden joints. It reflects the subtle relationships between body structure and wood. The connection of the wood joints is a representation of self-supplement. The tight linking between them gives a sense of harmony and wonder. Similar to human bodies, Wood can also transform themselves into different shapes by changing their inter-structure. Growth and transformation are the vitalities and characteristics of a living creature.