CHENG Tsz Tung, Jennifer

CHENG Tsz Tung, Jennifer practises mixed media. In the past two years, she did several projects about the 'circulation' of space, culture, personal emotions and social phenomenon. The shape of circle constantly appears in her mind, and it reminds her of different cycles in her surroundings. The shape of a circle is an important element in her works, which functions as a magical and endless path. She often thinks about the relationships and cycles in life, and the continual questioning helps her create her works. 'If humans are dots on the path of a cycle, where are our positions? What is circulation? Is the path we believe "right"? Where is the starting point and the end? Are we trapped?' She wants to observe and find out the circulation of different 'lives' by experimenting with different creations to learn how the cycle works.


Previous Works
A Floating Cloud


41.6 × 25.2 × 22.1 cm

'Stone is heavy that stays on the ground; the cloud is weightless that floats in the air.'

The differences between the sky and earth represent the struggle of feelings. A Floating Cloud asks a question of 'why do I have to be perfect'. The ideology of accomplishing everything is contrasting with the nature of the cloud. A marble cloud reflects the contrasts between reality and wishes through the form and material of the sculpture. A floating cloud is supposed to be light and fluffy, but it turns into a heavy, hard, and unmovable stone in A Floating Cloud.

'Everything is just an imagination.'




Struggling vs. Liberation

Rubber string, compression pantyhose, brassiere buckle, thread
橡筋、緊身襪褲、胸圍扣、 線

52 × 33 cm

Struggling vs. Liberation explores the relationship between struggling and liberation within the topic 'light and heavy' through creating a 'second skin'. CHENG Tsz Tung, Jennifer's back pain and life pressure make her stays in a state of struggling. The 'second skin' in Struggling vs. Liberation becomes a filter layer between the inner and outer world that filters and soothes her pressure. She achieves the liberation of pain and changes the existing situation by the struggles in forces in Struggling vs. Liberation. The 'second skin', as a tailor-made health care cloth, is a kind of self-adjusting and self-treatment to CHENG.