AU Cheuk In, Cathy

AU Cheuk In, Cathy believes that the core of life is not as fulfilling as many people, movies and books suggest, and humans are just a tiny fraction of life in the world.

AU’s practice focuses on organic and straightforward forms. Her works aim to break away from the stereotypes in art by minimising the elements to create a simple, pure, but potent atmosphere.



Previous Works

Engraving on blown glass

Set of five, 5 × 5 cm each

5×5 talks about the negative emotions of humans. In the current society, people are shaped according to the social expectation, which neglects the genuine will of people. People hide themselves from expressing their negative emotions, such as jealousy, anger, sadness, and hate, and forget their primitive innocence. Different people have different ways to release negative energy. As water is the symbol of purity, 5×5 is a work that blesses those people who lost themselves can make their ways back to the state of 'purity'.


Engraving on blown glass

16 × 16 × 16 cm

Longevity is inspired by the Chinese snuff bottle and Chinese printing. In Chinese history, a snuff bottle is a motif of wealth, health, good luck, longevity, and immortality. It was used as a gift for blessings in Chinese culture. Apart from the snuff bottle, cranes and turtles also represent longevity, good luck, and peace. Combining elements of snuff bottle, cranes, turtles, and the image of peony, which symbolises grace and prosperity, Longevity becomes a symbolic, harmonious and blessed glass piece.

File: PSY-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Plaster casting, steel

46 × 23 × 67 cm

People are easily stressed and frustrated with different things that happened in life. Everyone needs a listener or someone to talk to for releasing all the emotions. AU Cheuk In, Cathy believes rabbits represent carefulness and vigilance, which can remind people to be aware of negative thoughts and feelings. File: PSY-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ aims to heal the audience mentally and help them to release their pressure by talking to the rabbit in the artwork.