YU Tsz Ching, Clover

YU Tsz Ching, Clover focuses on installation and explores different mediums. She experiments with wood, gold and stone, which are usually used in traditional sculptures, as well as moving image and sound, which can be categorised as new media, creating works through modulating different layers of mediums.

YU's research mainly looks into the theme of communication between herself and social affairs. Her recent work, SightSeer, traces the anxiety that teenagers feel in society. Using an old, second-handed DVD player bought from Apliu Street, replaying the video on a disk showing the journey of a teenager's day, in an area filled with printed screenshots of the video scattered around the floor.


余芷晴的研究主要關注自與身與社會之間的主題。 她的近期作品《SightSeer》追溯了青少年在社會中的焦慮,以及被認為與社會無利害關係的群體所造成的自卑。透過在鴨寮街購買的二手老舊光碟機,在散佈光碟盒封面的地板上, 把回到少年時代旅程的影片重播。

Inhale Exhale

Audio recording

10 min 40 sec

YU Tsz Ching, Clover believes inhaling and exhaling is a process of acceptance – choosing how much to intake, digest and release. Thus, the notion of acceptance is not a mere act of passive option.

People often set up frameworks and standards from their very own point of view as their golden rules, similar to the misconception of inhale-exhale as a passive act. In fact, when accepting experience of the outside environment, there is a need of (re)learning, and thinking with action also run in parallel which is indeed a very active act.

With city soundscape, sound of breathing and heartbeat, Inhale Exhale shows multiple dimensions of space and rhythm that construct various relations between space and place with the artist. It creates also, a 'mental transportation' along the trajectory travelling back and forth in cityscape and self-reflective inner space, similar to meditation.