YEUNG Tsz King, Beavis

YEUNG Tsz King, Beavis (b. 1996) mainly focuses on ceramics, photography, and graphic design.

To him, simplicity always seems powerful, because of its raw existence, and because of the more explicit linkage between the works and their surroundings. The clear yet essential thinking in between the process is what drives YEUNG to create.

YEUNG studies possibility of expressing subtle emotions from the textures of ceramics. During the discovery of new textures, the process of approaching and transforming had created a dialogue-like relationship between the artist and the clay. By presenting the work in its most raw and essential forms, he is hoping to bring out the humble and subtle beauty in ceramics.

His work Look Right was shown at Sense 99 in 2017.

楊子敬(b. 1996),專注於陶瓷、攝影及平面設計。



他的作品《Look Right》曾於2017年在「Sense 99」中展出。

The Sea

Ceramic installation

Dimensions variable

As dwellers on the coast, people are blessed with the cryptic sea. Its fitful ebb and flow grips me especially at the dead of night. Like our society, like our life, like the journey of art creation, this little-known briny is best-known for causing boundless fear and solitude.

'As a ceramicist, every clay I play is an episode of my solo voyage. Despite its sea-like vicissitudes, I still brave each episode, embracing bottomless possibilities.'