YEUNG Kit Ting, Bee

YEUNG Kit Ting, Bee loves to work with ceramics and illustration. Most of her works are inspired by daily life and personal experiences, so her works are usually related to relationships and memories. She is inspired by the small things around her as she ponders between the past and the present.

YEUNG is a person who likes to let nature take its course, but she is perpetual in artistic creation. She believes that everyone appreciates art from different perspectives: It might be from appearance or content; it is not restricted to a singular aspect. There are always people who like it and those who do not. YEUNG just hopes that her works can resonate with the people who appreciate them and gain new understandings about art. Whether the audiences like it or not, she wants them to get unique and meaningful memories.


楊潔婷喜歡順其自然,但她對藝術創作有種執着。她認為每個人欣賞藝術的角度都不一樣,無論從外觀或內容,這種不同不會限制於任何單一方面,因此總有人喜歡和不喜歡。楊潔婷只希望自己的作品能夠讓欣賞的人產生共鳴,並且對藝術有新的認識。 即使觀眾喜歡與否,她都希望觀眾能夠得到獨特而有意義的回憶。

Egotist’s world

Ceramics, lamp

250 × 250 × 135 cm

Self-righteous people are self-centered. They always think that their thoughts are right, and reject other's opinions or ideas. They only live in their own world, a world like a mirror reflecting the seemingly perfect self.

In Egotist's world, the egocentric person has been lingering in the circle of the unrealistic world.