YEUNG Hoi Yu, Hailey

YEUNG Hoi Yu, Hailey is a painter and glassmaker. Most of the works she made combines painting with glass. She loves the transparency, reflection and glossiness of glass. She explores the possibility of painting with transparent materials to get a glimpse of a chance of painting with glass. For her, the material of glass manifests modernity. The reflection of glass created a new layer and a new space in her paintings.

楊凱銣是一位畫家和玻璃藝術家。她大部分的作品將繪畫與玻璃兩者結合。 她喜歡玻璃透明、具反射光芒的特質和它的光澤。她探索使用透明材料繪畫的可能性,以窺探混合玻璃於繪畫的可能。 玻璃對她而言充滿現代感。 玻璃的反射在她的繪畫中創造了新的層次和空間。

Half a kilometre

Mixed media

Set of seven, one of which 180 × 120 cm, six of which 15 × 15cm each
共七件,其中一件 180 × 120 cm,六件每件 15 × 15cm

'I don't know how I got here.
I don't know if I can go back using the same path or not.
However, I remember all the details as if it happened yesterday.'