WU Ching Kwan, Ester

WU Ching Kwan, Ester works on painting, drawing, photography, and video. After her half-year study in Italy in 2019, she has picked up an interest in the interactions between people from different backgrounds. Her artworks focus on discussing the expectations and interactions of the viewers.

By incorporating the theories of art therapy into her works, she tries to show a new way of seeing. Her artworks are usually clean, tidy, and simple. She does not use many colours. By keeping everything basic, every single detail becomes special.

WU will continue to test more on creating connections and interactions between herself and her audiences.

胡靖昀主要從事繪畫,素描,攝影和錄像作品。 經過於2019年在意大利半年的學習後,她開始對於來自不同背景的人之間的互動感到興趣。 她的藝術作品主要着眼於討論觀眾的期望與互動。

通過將藝術療法理論融入作品,胡靖昀試圖展現一種新的觀看方式。 她的作品通常是乾淨、整潔、簡單的,她不會使用太多種色彩。 保持最基本的樣貌,使每個細節都變得如此獨特。


From lonely to solitary

Site-specific installation, thermochromic paint on wall

Dimensions variable

'Calm down in solitude and feel yourself.
Then you left, leaving the flawless white.'