WONG Sin's artworks encompass image, poetry, and mixed media. She pays attentions to the connection and imagination of space, as well as the subtle emotions of people.

She anticipates every accidental moment.



Wander to here

Projection, audio recordings, papaya tree

Video: 3 min 40 sec, looped
錄像:3 min 40 sec,循環播放

'A tree in a small man-made space. / Smooth and room temperature walls.
/ With the air conditioning, the audience may feel cold after a long stay. / Looped images and audio recordings. / The recording may come out from the tree, wandering in the whole space. / In the dark room, only the light of the projector is facing the papaya tree, which is covered with a translucent white cloth. / The tree will wither over time, gradually changing from bright emerald green to brown. The withered leaves are crunchy. / Every day there is a little bit of change. / No one will know what it will look like until the end of the exhibition. / This is a world constructed by human delicate emotions and memories.'