WONG Sin Ying, Ada

WONG Sin Ying, Ada focuses on editorial and graphic design.

She thinks that design is not about building something for public taste but creating work which suits its uniqueness. She is interested in book and album design recently, which she believes that can achieve the ideal of personalised design.

Other than seeing herself as a graphic designer, her fondness for combining stories with design based on her belief that text is magical overlays her role as a storyteller. She aims to do more unique works, instead of creations with one unified style.




Der Augenstern

Mixed-media, table lamp, wooden table with chair

Dimensions variable

'The future will finally be revealed in time.'

Der Augenstern gets rid of the standard of typical novels; a virtual world has been constructed within a package. Readers act as researchers who collect all the fragments of the story, and discover a forgotten incident.


《Der Augenstern》擺脫典型小說形式,以一盒包裝物建構一個虛擬世界;讀者以研究員身份把故事碎片收集,從而層層剝開被遺忘的一則事故。