WONG Mei Ki, Maggie

WONG Mei Ki, Maggie creates works inspired by people and the society, and seeks to portray a world between reality and illusion. In her practice, she invites the viewer to explore the depth of the world and to reflect upon life. Imbued with both the aesthetics and the practical functions, her works explore and reform the boundary between art and design. She seeks to challenge the stereotypical idea that design is about the pragmatic while art is hard to be understood.

WONG explores a wide range of disciplines, spanning across graphic design, handicrafts, photography, installation, and interactive multimedia design. She recreates boring and dull artworks with an open mind to infinite possibilities in art. She works with different materials in order to interact with the audiences through senses and cognition.

黃美琪的作品以寫實的人和社會為材,嘗試描繪真實與虛幻之間的世界,讓觀眾重新審視、深省、反思個人的生活。其作品具備解決問題的功能之餘,亦不乏藝術自身的獨特性和美感,務求打破大眾「設計即是實用漂亮;藝術則是難以解讀」 的刻板印象。


Decision Laboratory

Mixed-media installation, thermal printer

Dimensions variable

'Every decision we make on a moment-to-moment basis creates our future.'

In Decision Laboratory, WONG Mei Ki, Maggie creates a surreal scene for the audience to take part in. When the boundaries between 'gain and loss' are becoming blurry, will the audiences obey the rules, or make different decisions and re-define the meaning of our lives?