WONG Man Kit, Jake

WONG Man Kit, Jake makes abstract paintings to record or express the emotions as a human being in a specific moment, the unspeakable or indescribable feelings or emotions and the ambiguity in-between.

From his perspective, a painting should serve a higher purpose in human emotion. He tries to arouse emotions among the audience. 'The reason why we are human is because we are born with the ability to feel or sense not only the things around ourselves but also within ourselves.'

In his paintings, he does not provide an answer but simply asks questions. The audience should interpret his artwork with their point of view, as emotions are very personal and also subjective.




Turin, 1889

Oil on canvas

Set of two 共兩件, 150 × 150 cm, 122 × 122 cm

'Emotions are neither absolute nor monotonic.' WONG Man Kit, Jake uses grids with versatile colors to express those complicated and tangled emotions. Each frame is a self-examination of existence at the moment.