WONG Lai Ting, Erica

WONG Lai Ting, Erica creates work under the influence of Chinese traditional values and the ever-changing modern society. She is interested in exploring the formation and transformation of identities in ancient and modern times. Her works encompasses glass and Chinese calligraphic art.

'Art is magical, influential and universal. Art is a universal language, a way of communication. At times, art can be stronger than words in expressing views and feelings. For words, people have to acquire the same language in order to fully understand each others. But for art, it doesn't have to go through such a language barrier. It allows people to understand what the artist wants to address by simply looking at what they have created. I treat artistic creation as a tool for me to communicate with people without the use of proper language, and also as a means of appreciating the aesthetics in art.'



Bottle Up


8.2 × 8.2 × 8.7 cm

'I used to say it's alright, but actually it's not.
I used to lock up my true emotions, but actually it is tiring.'