WONG Hin Ting, Icy

WONG Hin Ting, Icy's works are full of 'guessing' and 'attempting'. She discovers and asks questions about matters, events, and objects, among others.


Touching, Feelings

Video installation, plates

96 × 29 × 89 cm, video 1: 1 min 52 sec, video 2: 1 min 52 sec 96 × 29 × 89 cm,
錄像一:1 min 52 sec, 錄像二:1 min 52 sec

In Touching, Feelings, the video and plates look like two separate works.The video is a record of the interaction between WONG Hin Ting, Icy and 'her' while the plates on the other side look like personally crafted ceramic works but in reality, are just some cheap plates that were outsourced. The feelings in each work are self-evident.

'The picture of the remaining soup and oil in the dish after the meal constitutes a beautiful image, which really touched my heart. Behind this picture, it reveals the company and care of a mother.'