TSOI Yau Cheong, Albert

TSOI Yau Cheong, Albert focuses on painting and photography. Rather than creating or capturing magnificent images, his works aim to reveal the relationship between humans and nature, and explore the infinite possibilities in painting combined with photography.

With nearly nine years of experience, TSOI gradually became a fanatic of traditional analogue photography. This passions of his has led him away from the digital world and enter the narrow dark room. As shown in his series of drawings, invert portrait, which deliberately reverses light and shadow, he transforms the traditional negative film as a medium to reveal the final image. 'richness in tone from pitch black to pure white is not absolute. There are numerous shades of greys in between the dark and the light; the transformation of forms is what I am digging into.'


在近九年的攝影經驗中,蔡有昌逐漸成為了傳統菲林攝影的狂熱愛好者。 他對銀鹽攝影的堅持,把他從龐大的數碼世界帶到狹窄的黑房中。 正如他的系列作品《invert portrait》中所示(在這當中故意顛倒了光影),他將傳統底片與最終的媒介相結合,以揭示最終圖像。 「從純黑到純白的色調之豐富是難以數算的。 在黑暗與光明之間有無數種灰色,而這形式上的轉變正是我所感興趣的過程。」


Cyanotype photography on paper

Set of four, 38 × 180 cm each
共四件,每件 38 × 180 cm

Photographic or painted art creations are often chained to the frame of imagery, the endless pursuit of reality is the core essence of imagery.

Through cyanotype photography, Duality combines photographs of landscape with ink subjects that are presentational, non-figurative and philosophical. Duality conveys the artist's interpretation of the contemporary essence of the images and the reality in it, via examining its internal relations.