TO Tsz Ching

TO Tsz Ching has a background in visual commutation design, which engages her in graphic design, photography, exhibition design, branding, website and app design, and drawing and painting. A previous creative project of hers focuses on the study of sleeping, examining how to improve the quality of sleep at night. Recently, she has been exploring media art and experience design, alongside creative experiments in woodworking, metalworking, 3D software, prototyping, and video game.

TO obtained her Higher Diploma in Visual Communication from Hong Kong Design Institute.



Dream and Reality


Dimensions variable

People live in the same shared world when they are awake, and they turn to their own private world in their sleep. The artist collects clocks from different people, for she believes that a clock is the most representative object of people's characteristics and time. At first glance, the work looks like a normal clock in the front, but closer up, the dreamy side at the back of the clock will reveal itself. In Dream and Reality, one can discover the differences between reality and the dream world.