TANG Wing Sze, Yoyo

TANG Wing Sze, Yoyo is interested in discovering the possibility of symbiosis in opposing situations. She believes that contradictions lead not only to conflict, but also harmony.

Her works usually take inspiration from different kinds of contradictions, such as nature versus city, tradition versus innovation, and construction versus deconstruction. Through constructing an unreal representation of space in ink paintings, she tries to portray a harmonious atmosphere and reconcile a contradictive feeling.



A Corner of Landscape

Ink and mixed-media collage on paper

150 × 210 cm

The weary, exhausting and housebound lifestyle is a true portrayal of urban life. Living at such a busy pace, we have long forgotten the beauty of nature. Faced with this immutable fact, TANG feels like staying alone in a corner, so as to behold the landscape diffusing into urban life through imagination.