TANG Tsz Yau, Olivia

TANG Tsz Yau, Olivia is an artist whose practice encompasses painting, sculpture, and installation. She is interested in combining painting with other art forms such as installation. She explores materials,including marble and wood in her sculptures. With an interest in the relationship between humans and animals, her works show passions in the portrayal of animals and animal-related issues. In addition, her works are often inspired by her personal feelings. She believes that art is a way for her to share thoughts on animals and to express her opinions.

鄧祉柔的創作涵蓋繪畫、雕塑和裝置藝術。 她對將繪畫與其他藝術形式如裝置藝術結合感興趣。 她在雕塑創作中探索了大理石和木材等材料。她對人與動物之間的關係很感興趣,她的作品中充滿了對動物和動物相關問題的描繪。此外,她的作品也常受個人感受的啟發。 她認為,藝術創作是分享對動物之想法的途徑,也是表達個人感受的方式。

May be near when seems afar

Photographs of the daily life of fishes and turtles that are suffering from violations of rights on Tung Choi Street

Dimensions variable