TANG Pak To, Terence

TANG Pak To, Terence is a Hong Kong-based designer whose practice mainly includes furniture design, product design, and sculpture. He is a careful observer who loves observing things around him from different perspectives. In his practice, he tends to reshape existing objects in order to create different new designs.

TANG's works focus on the interaction between humans and products. Simplicity is one of the most important elements in his works. His design delivers a comfortable, warm feeling and aims to make people's life more enjoyable.

鄧伯陶是一位香港設計師, 他的實踐主要涵蓋傢俱設計、產品設計以及雕塑。他是一個細心的觀察者,喜歡透過不同的角度觀察自身周遭的物件。他強烈的渴望透過重組及重塑現有的物件,創造出不同新的設計。


Railing Project

Wood, aluminium

Dimensions variable

Observing everyday objects and their relationship with users, TANG Pak To, Terence is often reminded of the habits that he and many others may have. Based on those memories, he imagines the possible functions of everyday objects and attempts to reconstruct them, in order to create a playful space.