TANG Man Keung, Felix

TANG Man Keung, Felix is a conceptual artist. He focuses on drawing and painting and explores the possibilities in graffiti. In his practice, he challenges the idea of language, text, and signs. Rather than creating something out of nothing, he prefers to transform ready-mades and to draw from common knowledge.


Anti Words

Ready-mades, paint, drawing

Set of 14, 84 × 59.4 cm each
共 14 件,每件 84 × 59.4 cm

In the culture of graffiti, there is a rule on the street. If a graffiti artist does not like a certain graffiti work, he or she will create a new one next to it, resulting in a situation like a battle on the wall, where the audience will be the judges. If the challenger removes or covers a work by others, the action will be considered disrespecting, and the creator of that certain work will usually go find the works of the challenger and destroy them, like a form of revenge.