TAM Man Yuk

TAM Man Yuk is a multi-media artist whose practice encompasses glass, sculpture, Chinese painting, ceramic, and photography. In her practice, she finds inspirations from daily objects and discovers endless possibilities out of their normal appearances. Her works probe into the relationship between the material value and significance of those objects. She seeks to reflect upon herself in varying perspectives and explores topics without being confined to any particular medium. She transforms her observations and reflections into artworks by creating and reconfiguring different objects and materials.

TAM has experience in public art at the Fortune House Studio in Taiwan.



Perfect Imperfection

Ink on silk

Set of five, 48 × 90 cm each
共五件,每件 48 × 90 cm

There will always be ups and downs in life, with new challenges appearing every day. During the past two years of constant moving, TAM has appropriated a sentence as her motto: 'Not admitting defeat is to challenge yourself; admitting defeat is to accept yourself in a proper way.'

In Perfect Imperfection, TAM uses the concept 'five elements' from Chinese philosophy to explain how to accept oneself from multiple perspectives. She attempts to break away from the traditional impression of the five elements defined by ink colours, and create a new scene of her life with irregular graphics.