TAM Man Ho

TAM Man Ho (b. 1997) focuses on media arts, exploring moving images, photography, installation, and mixed media.

TAM's works reflect and question the norms he encounters in his life. He often borrows objects from daily life as his media and reconstructs a sense of space that is different from reality, in order to magnify the absurdities and contradictions in life. TAM values the direct and authentic experience the audience receive from his works, for he thinks the experience is a part of the creative process and it completes the work.

譚敏濠(b. 1997)專注於媒體藝術,涉獵範圍包括錄像、攝影、裝置及混合媒介。


Brave Monument

Monitor, camera, model, cement, angle iron

310 × 310 × 170 cm

Sentimental pictures and symbols have always been a part of human society. Brave Monument envisions an insightful blueprint of human society, in which the ugly and undesirable qualities of humanity have been removed, and thereby, we seem to be able to gain faith and drive in our lives.