SZE Hau Wai, Kelly

SZE Hau Wai, Kelly focuses on graphic art, media art, and glass. Perceiving herself as a sentimental but optimistic girl, she loves fairy tale stories and delicate things. In her practice, the topics of her interest often relate to her daily life and embody an optimistic attitude. She hopes to convey energy through her artworks.



Digital illustration

Set of four, 20 × 20 cm each
共四件,每件 20 × 20 cm

At first sight of Wonderland, you may see a dreamy amusement park. However, when you look closer, you may find it weird, because everyone in the amusement park is very strange. The work seeks to refer to the cruel reality of our society. Our world pretends to look positive and peaceful, but there are many bad things happening around. We may find out the truths as we grow up.