SO Oi Yin, Patricia

SO Oi Yin, Patricia is a painter, illustrator, and graphic designer. She is interested in observing fleeting moments, landscape and experiences of everyday life in society. She loves discovering the shapes, forms and colours in her living environment, so as to create imaginary places. She creates works that convey personal emotions, create spiritual experiences, and deliver messages of her beliefs and self-reflection.

In her practice, SO is interested in the layered surfaces of paint on canvases. She constructs multiple layers of geometric compositions to explore the depth of space in two-dimensional representation and questions the relationship between colours and forms. One can find both realistic depiction and a sense of abstraction in her works. She tells stories and brings new meaning to scenes and objects depicted on her canvas through combining imagination with her observation.




Mixed media on canvas

Set of two 共兩件 , 120 × 90 cm, 85 × 87 cm

'One drowns, sinks, floats, and reaches to a place to rest. This is the promise of God.'

「溺水,下沉,漂浮,到一個地方休息。 這是神的應許。」