SIN Hoi Tung, Natalie

SIN Hoi Tung, Natalie is interested in the value of materials. As a faithful Catholic, she believes that 'human beings live not on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God'. (Matthew 4:4) Although bound by this material world, we can actually only fulfil our life though non-material experiences. For SIN, art-making, as a material process, always makes her question the intention and essence of her practice: 'If what human need is not material, why do I need to spend time and energy to make art?' As she investigates this question, she discovers that art does not only serve as a material purpose, but also as a tool to convey messages. It helps us get to know more about ourselves and explains the emotion that cannot be verbalised.


Too Wasted To Discard

Leftover objects

Dimensions variable

'I will discover another value in the leftover objects, if I spent more time to understand them.'