SHAE Wei Ying, Vivian

SHAE Wei Ying, Vivian works in graphic art and illustration, sometimes jewellery as well. Some of her works are inspired by daily life experience, while others come from random bursts of imagination or scenes she encounters in her life. She creates illustrations composed of straight lines or objects from her imagination, which sometimes might appear in her works just to serve the purpose of enriching and accompanying other things in the composition. She does not always provide a reason for everything featured in her work. Her works tend to challenge the normality of over-explaining artworks, and question whether artworks have to be created for a particular reason or not. She wants to make something that is purely meaningful on its own.


Cluster Gazer

Graphic novel

22 × 22 cm

Cluster Gazer is a graphic novel featuring a cluster of cosmological narratives, showing the common concepts between science and Buddhism theory. It presents multiple perspectives of seeing the universe or the world in abstraction, using different patterns and lines.