SARANUKULWONG Sirilak is a nature lover, who focuses her practice on exploring the relationship between nature and humans. She explores different materials and media to gain a better understanding of the world and people. Through her memories, the society around her, and theoretical concepts, she draws inspiration from the realistic and the ideal worlds. She reflects upon the way we live, while thinking with humility, simplicity, and gratitude.


Flowers on the paddy path

Watercolour and ink on silk

Set of seven, three of which 32 × 23 cm each, four of which 20 × 15 cm each
共七件,其中三件每件 32 × 23 cm,四件每件 20 × 15 cm

In Flowers on the paddy path, flowers that blossomed serenely along the paths in the fields, indicate that it is time for one to return back home.