NG Hiu Tung, Rita

NG Hiu Tung, Rita creates works that are self-reflective and emotionally expressive. Inspired by her daily experience as a woman, she creates paintings and embroidery, in order to challenge the deviations and stereotypes of the female identity that are shaped by traditional and modern ideologies.

'I value traditions, but I also rebel against them. I think they are the two sides of the same coin. I like to find outdated dogmas in different religions and traditions and to criticise their authority and indisputable existence, in order to find the balance between traditions and our contemporary lifestyles.'




Wooden board, pollen

210 × 175 × 3 cm

Trees and flowers are often used as implicit references to male and female genders in traditional Chinese culture. In Genealogy, NG Hiu Tung, Rita appropriates the symbolic meaning behind trees and flowers, using the imagery of tree rings to represent the inherent position of men in the lineage succession, and the faint imagery of pollen to embody the lack of women's status in family. The combination of the two reveals the patriarchal structure constituted by the traditional concept of seniority, visualising an image of genealogy dissecting power and class.

'This is the history of my upbringing. I grew up in this modern society that advocates gender equality but still instills us with the concept that women are inferior to men. It is uncertain whether it is a general phenomenon or individual cases, but this concept can still be verified in the genealogy.'