MO Wing Sum, Tess

MO Wing Sum, Tess creates works inspired by her personal stories and the peculiarity she encounters in life. By exploring illustration, bookmaking and studio jewellery, she allows her audience to glimpse her mind. MO experiments with different styles, materials and methods in order to imagine and visualise a world of fairy tales. She controls and constructs every detail of her works with fine precision. She sees her works as the fragments of herself and her imaginary world.

For MO, art is the medium bridging different people. She uses her work to voice out and to share her world bit by bit to the viewers. Making artwork is also a self-meditation and healing process for her. 'Emotions and experiences are my inspirations, but sometimes they can be extremely overwhelming and backfire on me. I transform them into my works to achieve inner peace with myself.'



A memorial to the past

Digital print on paper, white poplar board, magnet

Dimensions variable

A memorial to the past tells the stories of a paper doll. Each wearable piece is a recreation of her thoughts and fragments from the past.

'Dress her up, and you will see who she used to be.'