MAK Wing Yan, Wing

MAK Wing Yan, Wing explores a variety of mediums and forms in her practice, spanning ink painting, seal engraving, ceramic, graphic design, and illustration. With a special interest in traditional Chinese art, her works often seek different ways of inheriting and reforming the traditions in ink painting.

What she discovers in traditional art forms is the way people cherish their culture through preserving the memories in objects. By studying the mundane and humble objects around herself, she seeks to recall and rediscover her own past. Often inspired by the magic of everyday objects, her practice seeks to connect with their stories behind, and bring them back to life.



The Southern Hills

Fabrics dyed with pigments extracted from chrysanthemums

Dimensions variable

The poet TAO Yuanming from Eastern Jin Dynasty once wrote: 'From the eastern hedge, I pluck chrysanthemum flowers, and idly, I look towards the southern hills.' In the hustle and bustle of life, it is inevitable for most people to feel physically and mentally tired. Maybe one cannot escape from the reality like hermits, yet a distant heart tends towards like places, where the 'southern hills' are located.

MAK quotes from the poet ZHOU Dunyi: 'I declare that chrysanthemum is the hermit of the flower world.' She extracted natural dye from chrysanthemum, and froze the momentary lights and shadows on the fabrics, offering the audience an experience in the state of silence and relaxation in the city.