MA Yee Man, Agnes

MA Yee Man, Agnes focuses her practice on painting. Often inspired by her inner thoughts and personal emotions, her paintings capture the atmosphere from scenes in reality, creating virtual environments that invite the audience into a space for speculation. Drawing simple lines and colours on papers, she seeks to channel feelings from personal memories, and to express thoughts of a possible new self.

For MA, a painting portrays the painter's persona, who gives to and takes from the outside world constantly. Each time she draws, it is a new experience for her inner self to rethink the fundamentals of the material of ink. Using different colours that represent different temperatures, she seeks to portray different feelings and emotions based on vision, impression, and the mutual understanding between the audience and the artist.




Ink and colour on silk

244 × 122 cm

19℃ tells a dream that is long and hazy, and its coldness lingers in the heart. The dream only brings a little warmth after one ruminates over it, and then it will transform into a stone.

It whispers: 'Salinastone and alum; weird and quiet; being close.'