MA Hiu Chung, Mag

MA Hiu Chung, Mag (b. 1994) explores lens-based media, moving image and video in her practice, which is based on her audio and visual research. With a strong interest in social, cultural, historical and political issues in Hong Kong, her works take as the departure point from the connection between the citizen and the city to the subtle changes in people's psychology during urban development. 

She incorporates light as an artistic medium in her work in order to experiment with the perception of space. Through exploring the possibility of new media, MA attempts to manifest new concepts and ideas.

MA's work has been exhibited in Hong Kong and Zurich, Switzerland.

馬曉聰(b. 1994)在她的實踐中探索基於視聽調研的鏡像媒體、動態影像和錄像創作。她對香港的社會、文化、歷史和政治問題有着濃厚的興趣,她的作品常以市民與城市之間的聯繫,以及城市發展過程中人們心理的微妙變化為出發點。




Single-channel video installation, red cloth, fan

Duration variable

'We're floating together.'