LUI Yan Yi, Mindy

LUI Yan Yi, Mindy is a Hong Kong-based artist primarily working with drawing, painting, illustration, and comic. LUI is obsessed with observing objects in everyday lives. She mainly focuses on daily life objects and builds a close relationship between herself and objects in her works.

LUI's works focus on the relationship and intimacy between humans, objects, and the world. With her works, she aims to remind the audience of their environment and objects that existed in the world. Her use of colour, material, brushstroke and composition creates a calming and light atmosphere in her artworks.



Pencil on tracing paper, video

Drawing: set of 3202, 3 × 3 cm each, video 1: 217 min 37 sec, video 2: 3 min 30 sec, looped
紙本繪畫:共 3202 件,每件 3 × 3 cm,錄像一:217 min 37 sec,錄像二:3 min 30 sec,循環播放

'、' is a special punctuation mark used for slight pause in Chinese. It is often used to divide a series of similar items into individuals. As the firststroke of the Chinese character mi ('rice'),  '、' embodies a metaphor for the action of separating a grain of rice from groups in the work.

、attempts to identify one grain of rice from a bowl of rice. Through drawing the single grain for 3202 times repeatedly, the work aims to discuss the individual and collective value of rice.