LUI Hoi Lok, Cola

LUI Hoi Lok, Cola mainly focuses on figurative and landscape painting. By experimenting with a variety of materials including charcoal, graphite and ink, her works capture the abstract imagination of virtual reality and explore the possibilities of the visual surface.

For LUI, her paintings seemingly connect to another virtual reality and create a visual language to express her world. She likes to describe video games as stories or adventures. She is often inspired by the characters, objects, scenes and narratives in the games, which evoke numerous memories between the real and the virtual.

LUI thinks that video games are shadows of our reality. They are similar in nature, but also very different. At the boundary between the virtual and the real, LUI is finding her own memories in games.




The non-existent scenery

Charcoal, graphite, ink, pencil and dry pastel on tracing paper

Set of four, dimensions variable

In The non-existent scenery, the imageries are found in thecorner of LUI's memories, and are extracted from the world of video games. Scenes from the game are encoded by the artist with her own language. They are silent, ambiguous, eternal in memory, and crossing the boundaries between the reality and virtual. The flowing sea, the dilapidated church, the melting ice, the ship in front of the firework – they are back to the state of silence after the lingering rhyme.