LOU Yuqun, Ranny

LOU Yuqun, Ranny (b. 1997) is a multi-media artist whose practice includes photography, sculpture, and installation. In her works, she favours a straightforward and clear approach to the visual images of her social surroundings.

LOU's works often depart from daily observation of society and seek to provoke a critical re-evaluation of perceived normality among certain groups of people. She probes the collective humanity and ongoing social issues in China concerning the economic, legal, political, and environmental spheres.

'China is a rapidly developing country, yet has many controversial issues. Living in this uniquely complex place, I am interested in what is happening here and how it reflects the Anthropocene within the indigenous communities.'

婁雨群(b. 1997)是一位多媒體藝術家,她的實踐包括攝影、雕塑和裝置。在她的作品中,她喜歡用一種直接而清晰的方式來表現她周遭社會環境的圖像。



Human beings support each other on this planet

Acrylic, wood, hickory, water, bamboo

Dimensions variable