LO Cheuk Yiu

LO Cheuk Yiu (b. 1998) mainly works in sculpture and installation, exploring different materials including stone, wood, steel, fiberglass, resin, paper, and cement. Her practice investigates and reflects upon real-life experience, personal emotions, and material language. Combining realistic depiction with conceptual experimentation, LO delves into the complex relationship between human and animal, civilisation and nature, and inner thoughts and outside world.

LO holds strong enthusiasm in figurative sculptures. 'The process of carving is like waking up small creatures sleeping inside the raw material, endowing the lifeless stone with vitality.' In her practice, LO favours stone carving. She believes the inner spirit of stone can be revealed in the hand of artists. Her works often express a sense of peacefulness and vulnerability, and depict pure and benign lives.

LO has worked as an assistant to the UK-based sculptor Mark Richards, and at Dingli Stone Factory in Fujian, China.


盧卓瑶(b. 1998)主要從事雕塑及裝置藝術,探索不同的材料,包括石頭、木材、鋼鐵、玻璃纖維、樹脂、紙張及水泥等。她的實踐調查和反映了真實的生活經驗、個人情感以及材料語言。盧卓瑶將寫實與概念相結合,探究了人與動物、文明與自然、內心與外部世界之間的複雜關係。


盧卓瑶曾擔任英國雕塑家Mark Richards的助理,並在中國福建鼎立雕刻工廠駐留創作。


Bluestone, steel 青石、鐵板

350 × 253 × 247 cm

One's behaviours reflect one's thinking; one's actions reflect one's beliefs. Instead of indulging in daydreams, one needs to step out bravely and determinedly, and strives to create infinite possibilities. Despite being inexperienced, one may live out a unique side of life through the intertwining fate.

In über-dream, the depicted child is wearing suoyi, a type of traditional Chinese raincoat. In ancient times, children put on this thin raincoat in stormy and snowy weather. The choice of stone in this work embodies the tenacity of achieving dreams and the spirit of fearless exploration. The geometric iron plates are made of modern, industrial materials, yet it communicates the spirit of determination and perseverance from ancient times, connecting with contemporary society, creating space for reflection upon our soul and life.