LIU Nga Ting, Michelle

LIU Nga Ting, Michelle's work includes Chinese art, graphic art, and object design. She focuses on a modern style of Chinese painting in order to convert the Chinese traditional style into a new language after studying Gongbi and Xieyi.

LIU likes to emphasise structures and colours in her paintings. She uses contrasting colours to show a sense of prominence. In attempt to connect her paintings with the audience, she combines modernist ideas with traditional methods. She enjoys transforming traditional art forms into contemporary forms.

廖雅婷的作品涵蓋中國藝術、平面設計和物品設計。 在學習工筆和寫意後,她專注於中國畫的現代風格,並將中國傳統風格轉化為一種全新的語言。

她喜歡在畫中強調結構和色彩。 她會使用高對比度的顏色來顯示它們的特點。她希望讓她的畫作與觀眾聯繫起來,所以她結合現代與傳統的方法,將傳統藝術形式轉變為當代形式。

The beauty of solitude

Ink on paper

Set of five, 36 × 75.5 cm each
共五件,每件 36 × 75.5 cm

The beauty of solitude is a series of paintings about enjoying solitude. LIU Nga Ting, Michelle selected secluded spaces to show the enjoyment of being alone. She thinks that sometimes solitary voice can be the best one to be heard. It gives her time to search for the value of life.

《The beauty of solitude》是一系列關於享受孤獨的畫。廖雅婷選擇了使用隱蔽的空間來展示獨處時的樂趣。她認為孤獨的聲音時最值得聆聽的,這給予了她時間去尋找生命的價值。