LIU Kaixin, Cassie

LIU Kaixin, Cassie is an artist and writer based in southern China. Her interests lie at the intersections of visual arts, creative writing, and critical theory. She works across different forms and mediums, which span installation, videography, performance, and writing projects. In her practice, she uses varying motifs found in sound, light and texts to construct spaces, atmospheres and narratives, which enables her to conduct inquiries into the symbolic meanings behind visual appearances. Her work discusses topics ranging from the interrelationship between body and space to regional diasporic experiences in southern China, often resulted from and fuelled by her negotiations with her own identities and surroundings.


Clear and Far

Video installation, found vintage photograph, heat lamp

Dimensions variable, TV: 2 min 26 sec, projection: 3 min 12 sec
尺寸可變,電視錄像:2 min 26 sec,投影錄像:3 min 12 sec

Since 2018, LIU has been unconsciously paying attention to the city of Qingyuan (literally translated as 'clear and far') in Guangdong province, whenever she returns to her hometown from Hong Kong on a high-speed train. Although she has never been to the city herself, her vague impression of the place, like many other fabricated narratives, remained deep in her memory.

Clear and Far ambiguously outlines a fictional but incredibly authentic story. In this story, the artist pieces together several threads revolving around her childhood, wandering life and female experiences, constructing a '(pseudo-)connection' between her and the city of Qingyuan.

From the picture of Qingyuan city found on Wikipedia, to the photo of the artist's mother in her childhood, then to the artist herself wearing false eyelashes impersonating her childhood friend: these mixed 'evidences' gradually emerges this veiled city, of which the narratives sound clear but the truth is far away.